7 Ways To Help You Lose Weight Just By Drinking More Water

7 Ways To Help You Lose Weight Just By Drinking More Water

It is a very common scenario to some people when they pledged to do daily routines which include proper diet and exercise to accomplish their dream weight loss, but after a couple of weeks (or must have been bad if it's just for a couple of days), they just found themselves eating pizzas, cupcakes or pasta during dates with friends. Then, the realization of "Diet-over" sinks in but sadly - it's game over, so they have to start over again. Bitter reality but that's what usually happen.

While many of us think that it is impossible to lose weight without exercise and strict diet, well, you should be aware that it is never been impossible. There are many ways to follow that are worth trying in the simplest way.

You better not settle with quick weight loss plans that don't work as promised. If you are keen to find easy and effective ways to help you slim down, then you should start looking at your very own kitchen.

What grants your dream to lose weight is simply - Water. It is indeed the key, you have probably heard it on some blogs or news article, but water really helps you boost metabolism. Drinking more water can help you lose more weight as it acts as an appetite suppressant and it helps you to cleanse the waste in your body leading you to cut some extra pounds.

A recent study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that: out of the 11 studies that were evaluated, and are examined the association between water consumption and body weight, three of them showed that an increased of water intake among dieters was tied to greater weight loss.

So you better start increasing your water consumption now and don't force yourself with things that making you feel hungry and unsatisfied. Follow these quick and easy ways to improve water intake that can help you lose your weight:

1. Drink water every two hours

Drinking a lot of water throughout the day is important and very effective. Doing so will ensure that your body is replenished and is cleared from excess water weight. There is a greater chance for you to retain your water weight and deplete your body from necessary fluids when you consume water only when you are thirsty. According to Riverside Health System, urine can be your strong indication with your needed water intake. Increase water intake if you have a dark yellow-colored urine while to maintain a healthy, light-colored urine - drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning and then every two hours.

2. Add flavor to your water

Water can be transparent, nearly colorless and tasteless, but you can add some healthy alternatives to make the water's flavor a good one. You can transform your tasteless water to a satisfying flavor by adding fake sugars that have zero-calories.

3. Make a Green Iced Tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants and flavonoids that can boost up your metabolism during water intake. Preparing for a hot tea with boiled water and pouring it over a glass of ice to make feel more refreshing to drink, is one of the easy summertime drink that you can do. Just avoid adding any sweeteners to your iced tea as it can interfere with your overall health and weight loss goal.

4. Sparkling water

Sparkling water is commonly known as the carbonated water and acts as an alternative to plain water. For those who wish to satisfy their cravings for soda without compromising their sugar count with a carbonated beverage, sparkling water will surely suit your taste buds well. But in some cases, if you have an irritable bowel syndrome, it is best and recommended for you to stick with plain water as this may worsen your condition due to CO2 that it releases that can often cause you bloating and gas.

5. Produce in water

Adding fruits and veggies to your water can add a lot of unique flavors. Infused water or Agua fresca fruits, when mixed with water and chilled in the fridge can give you a zesty flavor. Agua fresca involves adding fruits like lemon, limes, grapefruit, oranges, raspberries, or even watermelon. Before consuming the water, you must take note that it is important to let both the water and fruits simmer for a lengthened period of time.

6. Eat your water

Fruits containing a high percentage of water are good to consume to increase your water intake. One good example of this is a Watermelon. According to the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Watermelon, is made up of 92 percent water and has only 6 percent sugar. Other fruits that are rich with water intake that are also must try are strawberries, grapefruit, and cantaloupe.

7. Water in soup

Taking hot and cold soups are also one alternative way to help boost your water consumption, aside from consuming fruits. According to Stacy Goldberg, MPH, RN, BSN and CEO Founder of Savorfull ""Incorporate chilled soups such as melon soups, gazpacho as well as hot soups including vegetable, broths, minestrone, lentil and more," and added, "Aim for low sodium soups!"

Most people are having the hard times finding the best way to lose their weight, especially for some 'especial' ways that will let them slim down in just an instant without exerting too much effort, and won't make them tired excessively. If you think it is still impossible for you to be slim and to lose weight without exerting too much effort, take time to consider doing these simple ways and see it for yourself!

Note: Given these ways that can surely help you lose weight, you should also remember and always take into consideration that a healthy water itself is a step to execute these. A quality water source will always be what matters most. And with our industrialized generation, it is not hard to own a clear and clean, healthier water on your own.

Tip: One of the best and easiest ways to remove impurities from your water is through the use of a water filter. You check out this post about the "10 Benefits of Water Filters that you should know" to know more details.

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