Genuine Bosch Fridge Freezer Water Filter 497818 750558

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  • Genuine replacement dd7098 external water filter that fits various Bosch refrigeration.
  • Please be aware that all electrical items, eg pumps, are European voltage 220-240v not US voltage.
  • Manufacturer's Code - 750558

Product Description

Please email us with your model number, and any serial numbers, to confirm this part will fit your appliance.
Suitable for the following Bosch models- KAN56V10NE/01, KAN56V10TI/04, KAN56V50/05, KAN58A10/07, KAN56V10NE/02, KAN56V10TI/05, KAN56V50/06, KAN58A10GB/01, KAN56V10NE/03, KAN56V10TI/06, KAN56V50/07, KAN58A40/01, KAN56V10NE/04, KAN56V10TI/07, KAN56V50/08, KAN58A40/02, KAN56V10NE/05, KAN56V10TI/08, KAN58A10/01, KAN58A40/03, KAN56V10SA/01, KAN56V10TI/09, KAN58A10/02, KAN58A40/04, KAN56V10SA/02, KAN56V50/01, KAN58A10/03, KAN58A40/05, KAN56V10TI/01, KAN56V50/02, KAN58A10/04, KAN58A40/06, KAN56V10TI/02, KAN56V50/03, KAN58A10/05, KAN58A40/07, KAN56V10TI/03, KAN56V50/04, KAN58A10/06, KAN58A40AU/01, KAN58A40AU/02, KAN58A40GB/07, KAN58A50GB/01, KAN58A70/07, KAN58A40AU/03, KAN58A40J/01, KAN58A50GB/06, KAN58A70/08, KAN58A40AU/04, KAN58A40J/02, KAN58A50GB/07, KAN58A70AU/01, KAN58A40AU/05, KAN58A40J/03, KAN58A50NE/01, KAN58A70AU/02, KAN58A40GB/01, KAN58A50/01, KAN58A50NE/02, KAN58A70AU/03, KAN58A40GB/02, KAN58A50/02, KAN58A50NE/03, KAN58A70AU/04, KAN58A40GB/03, KAN58A50/03, KAN58A50TI/01, KAN58A70AU/05, KAN58A40GB/04, KAN58A50/04, KAN58A50TI/02, KAN58A70NE/01, KAN58A40GB/05, KAN58A50/05, KAN58A70/05, KAN58A70NE/02, KAN58A40GB/06, KAN58A50/06, KAN58A70/06, KAN58A70NE/03, KAN58A70NE/04, KAN58P90/09, KAN60A40/07, KAN60A40TI/03, KAN58A70NE/05, KAN58P95/01, KAN60A40J/01, KAN60A40TI/04, KAN58P90/01, KAN60A15NE/01, KAN60A40J/02, KAN60A40TI/05, KAN58P90/02, KAN60A15NE/02, KAN60A40J/03, KAN60A40TI/06, KAN58P90/03, KAN60A40/01, KAN60A40NE/01, KAN60A40TI/07, KAN58P90/04, KAN60A40/02, KAN60A40NE/02, KAN60A40TI/08, KAN58P90/05, KAN60A40/03, KAN60A40NE/03, KAN60A41K/01, KAN58P90/06, KAN60A40/04, KAN60A40NE/04, KAN60A41K/02, KAN58P90/07, KAN60A40/05, KAN60A40TI/01, KAN60A41K/03, KAN58P90/08, KAN60A40/06, KAN60A40TI/02, KAN61A40TI/01, KAN61A40TI/06, KAN61A40TI/07, KAN61A40TI/08, KAN61A40TI/09

Product Information

Technical Details

Part NumberDD7098
Item Weight11.7 ounces
Product Dimensions12.2 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches