Why does your drinking water has a bad taste or odor?

Why does your drinking water has a bad taste or odor?

We need water for us to survive. But what if the water you are drinking everyday is contaminated and contains a lot of viruses? it will make us get waterborne diseases. Sometimes the water may smell or taste bad because of water contaminants and can also cause serious issues that requires immediate action.

The odor and taste of water is because of the water pipes. Often the smell doesn’t signify that it has contaminants, but that shows that it doesn't have the cleanest state and it should be inspected to restored to its purest state. By the time the water leaves the treatment plant and arrives at the tap. It is now prone from any kind of contamination.

Here are some points on why your drinking water has a bad taste or odor:

  1. Bleach Odor

    Most of us get water from the public water sources. These kind of water sources contain chlorine to remove the odor and make the water clear. It is also same bleach in a swimming pool when it is cholorated. The scent of chlorine depends on the public water source household. The effect of temperature also affect the water’s chlorine, like the colder water can hold the chlorine water longer.

  2. Musty Odor

    The musty odor is a rare circumstances that is cause by pollution. Its also caused by sediment leaching into the plumbing system. Also some of the plumbing system can trace amount of copper.

  3. Dirt Taste

    There are some times that water taste like a plotting soil that is invaded by geosmin called algal blooms. Geosmin is prevalent when it is summer and grows on the surface of bodies of water. It is the one that make the water taste like dirt.

  4. Metal Taste

    This is one of the most common taste of a contaminated water or not clean water. One of the reason of this state is the excess corrosivity or the trace minerals because of the rusty pipes. If the water will flow in this kind of pipes, it will be contaminated by the metals like iron, manganese, copper and zinc. The metal taste is depending on the slight excess of iron and zinc.

  5. Sulfur Odor

    Contaminated water has a smell like sulfur or like rotten eggs. This water has a hydrogen sulfate or a sulfate bacteria. The smell is not actually dangerous but it has very high levels of chemicals caused by decaying organic matter.

  6. Sewage Odor

    Water may smell like sewage because of the bacteria that came from the materials that come from the sink. This bacterias is caused by heavy gas to fill the drain in the sink. Hydrogen Sulfide mostly come from water heaters, this bacteria came from warm temperatures for a long period of time.

  7. Salt Taste

    Earth’s water is consist of 70% salt water and 30% Tap water. It is not because of the natural salt water, but because of the high level of chlorine from industrial waste.

  8. Sweet Taste

    The sweetness taste of the water shows that it has a very high concentration of naturally occurring minerals like iron or calcium. It may also have an imbalance in alkaline or pH levels.

  9. Fish Odor

    If the water taste or smell so fishy, it is because of the presence of Barium, a metal that exist on the mineral ores that can go into well and pipes.

  10. Wet Dog Odor

    This odor is caused by metal in pipes, environment contaminant or chemicals used to remove the organisms.

Whenever your drinking water smells or tastes different, it may have some bacteria or other water contaminants that can give you waterborne diseases. One of the best way to remove and take away this kind of smell and taste, is to use a water filter. You can use a filter for the water dispenser in your fridge to make it clean. Quick Water filters has a huge variety of best refrigerator water filters that can give you the cleanest filtered drinking water everyday.

Source: watertechonline.com