8 Main Reasons Why you should Drink More water

8 Main Reasons Why you should Drink More water

If you’re not drinking enough water in a day you will feel dizzy because of dehydration that will actually affect your daily activity and routine. Did you know that our body is composed of almost 70% water? If we do not drink plenty of water every day, toxins in our body will not be removed completely. You might get sick or diseases, like diarrhea or even worst. Here are the main benefits of drinking a lot of water:

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It will make your inner body system clean

Drinking water helps us to detoxify the colon and kidneys. It also helps in blood circulation in our skin. It can boost the production of lymphatic cells in your body that will help you to digest your food. Drink more water so that it keeps everything working in top condition.

Prevents you from acne

Because water helps to stabilize the pH level of your skin, it’s only natural that it helps fight acne. Consuming high levels of sugar, caffeine, processed foods and certain fats can contribute imbalance on the chemicals, on hormones in your body that can cause more acne. On the other hand, drinking enough water can keep those things balanced and prevent breakouts, keep your skin clear, hydrated and brighter.

Helps you in losing weight

Every time we are drinking a lot of water it can help you feel more full. When you’re full, you won’t eat as much and therefore consume fewer calories. Sometimes when your mind is telling you to dig into that bag of salty chips, you’re not actually hungry but just dehydrated.

Heal your headaches

There is a study in a London show that one of the main reasons why some of the people are having headaches is because they are just water deprived. After they drink at least 200ml of water, all of the subjects feel much better. Just try having a tall glass of cold water to refresh your mind.

It will make you energized

When you first get up, drinking a glass of water can help wake you up. You can put some lemon, berries, blueberries to give your water have a slight taste. Feeling tired is one of the first signs that you could be dehydrated so whether you’re trying to wake up in the morning or stay up late to study, water is a good way to help you stay more alert.

Boost your muscles

When you’re at the gym or doing any kind of exercise, sweating can make you more thirsty and in turn, your muscles become tired. This is because the sweat pouring out of your body is faster than the liquids you’re putting in. Drinking water before, during and after helps to give you that boost of energy you need to finish your sets and reps!

Keep you away from getting an injury

If you have DOMS (Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness), there are experts that say that the cause of this muscle cramp is because of the dehydration. Besides making sure to stay hydrated, being careful to stretch before working out/doing sports and cooling down afterward is also essential to avoiding DOMS.

Protect you from sickness

No matter what kind of sick you’re feeling, any doctor you go will tell you that staying hydrated is really needed. Whether it’s with lemon (which has added vitamins and can soothe a sore throat) or on its own, drinking a ton of water, eating well and sleeping enough with minimal activity is the best way to make sure you get better.

These are just some of the reasons why you should drink more water and be hydrated all the time. The cleanest and purest water everyone drinks can make you, your family, or everyone in this world healthy and hydrated. Here at Quick Water Filters, we want everyone to have their cleanest water straight to their home by using the best refrigerator water filter. Get yours now and start being healthy and hydrated all the time.

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