Why buy from us?

Why buy from us?

Why Choose Quick Water Filters?

Today’s drinking water filters come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes, but what is more important is what’s on the inside. Just because a drinking water filter looks good, does not necessarily mean that it is the right choice for your home. When you are shopping for drinking water filters, your first guide is product performance data. In some states, water filter companies are required to provide this information along with their sale brochures. But regulation is not nationwide, so depending on where the company is located, they may not be able or willing to disclose performance facts. Here, you will discover and know the important points in choosing for a reliable water filter company. Check these out:

·         The first rule for shopping water filters is to never buy any drinking water filter that does not provide product performance data. Product performance data sheets will allow you to compare the effectiveness of a product and the cost of use, either in terms of gallons of water filtered or in terms of time.

·         On the average, each person uses 80-100 gallons of water per day, but most of that goes for flushing toilets and so does not apply to drinking water filters. The effectiveness of a water filter that attaches to the kitchen tap should be based on how many people you have in your family and how much water you expect them to drink from the tap on any given day.

·         It is true that it is difficult to determine how much water a person needs on any given day. Factors like overall health, sex come into play, exercise and weight.

·         According to some researches, a healthy adult needs at least 8 ounce glasses of water per day. Based on that rule of thumb, their countertop water filter will last 6 months before the cartridge needs to be replaced.

·         When evaluating drinking water filters, it is assumed that a family of 4 will drink about 500 gallons of water in 6 months. So, the cost of use for a water filter takes into account the cost of replacement filters over a 6 month period or per 500 gallons.

·         Some companies are a little sneaky. They charge more for drinking water filters that are supposed to last longer, but the cost per gallon or per day is easier to compare.

·         In terms of cost per use, Quick Water Filters is considered as the least expensive water filter on the market. Less effective drinking water filters cost more.

·         If you do some research, you will learn and know that cost is no indication of effectiveness or quality when it comes to a drinking water filter. Our company often thinks that you acquire what you pay for, but that is not the case here. The most technologically advanced drinking water filters on the market cost the least to use and are reasonably priced initially.

Our company provides a wide selection of products including filters that filter crisp, clear and clean water for your whole family. One of the reasons why you need to hire us is that our products are engineered by our water treatment professionals. Aside from this, we also offer 30 day money back guarantee to all our valued clients.